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Please contact me if you would like to sponsor a page!  The price per month varies by page and I'll give you one month free if you reserve your space for the whole year. 

Included with your advertising rate:
  (1) I will  move your listings to one of the top spots (biggest advertisers / affiliates get the highest spots) on the appropriate pages,
  (2) add your icon to the listing (60x60 pixels) and
  (3) place your  banner (468x60) at the top or box (120 wide x 200 tall pixels max) at the top  right of the purchased page.

If you need banners, buttons or web sites designed, I will bid your project not to exceed a fixed price.  If you are interested in a affiliate program let me know and we will try to work out something to market your products on this site.

Thanks for your interest!

Joe Zeeben


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