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Hydroponics:  Collecting links . . . books . . . suppliers . . . and plans of course!  If you have any input please let Joe know (jozeeben@netdoor.com). 
All book links are in association with Amazon.com, my favorite store for books (and more)!


  • Hydroponic Food Production : A Definitive Guidebook of Soilless Food-Growing Methods -- a 5 star rated book by Howard Resh.  527 pages and well illustrated. 
                                      List Price: $49.50
                                      Our Price: $34.65
                                      You Save: $14.85 (30%)
  • Hydroponic Tomatoes for the Home Gardener by Howard M. Resh (same author as above).
                                      List Price: $9.95
                                      Our Price: $7.96
                                      You Save: $1.99 (20%)
  • Hydroponic Home Food Gardens  by Howard M. Resh
                                      List Price: $12.95
                                      Our Price: $10.36
                                      You Save: $2.59 (20%)
  • Hydroponic Hot House : Low-Cost, High-Yield Greenhouse Gardening by James B. Dekorne.  Another 5-star hydroponic book! Our Price: $16.95
  • Fullbloomhydroponics.com was created to be your one stop shop for all your gardening products and educational needs to help your garden thrive. Specializing in automatic hydroponics growing systems, but will assist you with all of your gardening needs.
  • Greentrees Hydroponics -- supplies galore!
  • ACI - Hydroponics: Home greenhouse kits and hydroponic gardens, grow lights and equipment for  home hobbyists and small commerical operations.  Designed for the hottest Arizona Summer
  • Hydroponics Online -- Great collection of links and articles.
  • CropKing - Hydroponics, Aquaculture and a combination kit "Aquaponics".  Both commercial and residential supplies and kits. 
  • CareFreeGarden - provides hobby hydroponic systems and the "Sanctuary" hobby greenhouses.
  • Nature Perfect - Wholesaler and distributor of braided bamboo, lucky bamboo (dracaena), money tree (pachira), bonsai, hydroponics, grow lights, and indoor house plants.
  • HydroMall - Searchable database contains over 700 hydroponics store listings worldwide, InfoCart product information inquiry system, and an abundance of  hydroponics articles and links.
  • TCS-Hydroponics gardening supplies - Hydroponics leader specializing in hard to find hydroponic gardening supplies and organic fertilizers.
  • Plasponics Ltd. - World leader in binding products for agriculture, greenhouses and hydroponics.
  • Quick Grow  Indoor gardening products at affordable prices with informative hydroponics and aeroponics articles.
  • GardenAllYear.com Hydroponics and organic gardening, 100% organic bat guano fertilizers, organic pest controls, hydroponics systems, nutrients and supplies.  Shop here and garden all year!
  • Future Harvest Development http://www.extremegrowing.com Manufacturer and distributor of Pipe Dreams aeroponics systems, Holland Secret, Plantroids, Bud Boom hydroponics nutrients, Timers and Controllers and X-Stream Pumps.



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