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GREENHOUSE PLANS:   The web's most complete listing! Prices are approximate.  Follow the links to learn more.  Also see Greenhouse Books (some include plans). To add your plans to this list go to Register or email jozeeben@netdoor.com``

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1st set of Plans $98:

Copy: $18/each

Greenhouse Plans Victorian Conservatory Style.  Build your own Greenhouse in the grand style of turn-of-century Victorian Conservatory.  448 sq. ft. Spectacular!  Approximately $10,000 to build yourself, or $20,000 to hire out.  Add $8,000 for double pane glass.  Wood, Glass, and Brick Construction. More Info.

$98 + $12 S&H
Victorian Conservatory Plans


1st set of Plans $18

Copy: $8/each


Gothic Greenhouse 11 feet 3 inches wide by 16 feet long.  Designed with poly-carbonate and a steep roof for snow country.  More Info.
Wood Gothic Grills - Order Information.

$18 + $9 S&H
Gothic Greenhouse Plans.

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Sundance Supply Design and Installation Guide.  Page after page of how to information to build your own polycarbonate greenhouse.  Lot's of illustrations plus prices!

Free online design guide as an alternative to plans!

Sunrooms & Attached Conservatories

Custom Designed Attached Greenhouses and sunrooms

E-mail for quote.

1st set of Plans $22

Copy: $8/each

Three-way Eights (3-way 8's). A Windsor design you can wind all over your yard.  Create a greenhouse maze in your yard with this classic design.  More Info.


3-way 8's

1st set of Plans $27

Copy: $9/each

Tall 16-Wide.  Large classic greenhouse, extra tall.  Shown 16' by 16' but can be easily lengthend in 4 foot sections.  Designed with poly-carbonate roof and brick and glass sides.

$27 + $9 S&H

1st set of Plans $150

Copy: $20/each

Large Victorian Conservatory:  Main room 20'x20 with 4 wings 12'x10'.  Overall dimensions are 40'x40

Large Victorian

1st set of Plans $18

Copy: $9/each

Basic 12-wide.  Quick and easy to build - all wood foundation, 2x4 frame and removable Polycarbonate panels to make a screen room in summer. More Info. 

Basic 12-wide

1st set of Plans $25

Copy: $9/each

Basic 16-wide.  Shown 16 x 16 but can be lengthened.  Will ship in approximately 3-weeks. More Info.

Basic 16-wide


Sun Country Greenhouse Plans 8'6x16' greenhouse plans for $12.95 download or  $19.95 hard copy.  Also some free plans at http://www.hobby-greenhouse.com/FreeSolar.html 

$12.95 or $19.95


A Better Plan.com - Barn with attached greenhouse.



A Small Backyard Greenhouse for the home gardener.  12' x 14' PVC hoop greenhouse covered with plastic.  How-to instructions on line.

$0.00 Free online design. Link down loads a .pdf file


Does any one know where I can find "Pit Greenhouse" by Storeybook Publishing online?



Bow-Roof  Greenhouse by Stimson Marine. Easy-to-read plans and step-by-step manual. Great for greenhouse, boat shed, workshop or garage.  The 14' x 32' greenhouse/shed pictured here can be built in 40 hours and $400.00 to $600.00 for materials depending on your location.

$18 + $2 S&H


The Waterboy Garden Trellis.  Unique galvanized pipe frame that also waters.  Cover with plastic to make a greenhouse.



EnviroCept Greenhouses:  Gable style greenhouse with 10 page hobby greenhouse planning guide and 5 additional designs -- A-Frame, Hotbed, Poly-pipe Greenhouse, Propagating Bench, and Cold frame.  Also sales supplies, kits and a unique corrugated plastic. 



Mississippi State University Extension service:  8 plans available by mail or from your extension office.


Great Starter Book!

Ortho Books "Greenhouses" has plans for 8'x12' attached,  8'6" x 12' Gothic Arch, 10'x10' A-Frame, 10'x12 Gambrel Roof, 8'x10' Simplified Grambrel Roof, 8'2x12'7" Snow Country Greenhouse, Attached Solar Greenhouse, Angle wall Solar Greenhouse, and Sun Pit..

Save 20%!  Buy the Book Today!


T. M. Taylor Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse and Business includes plans for a 30 x 96 foot greenhouse.  This is an excellent resource with extensive listings buyers and suppliers, prices, resources, etc. - 1999 update available!

$19.95 Best info. source for your business!



FloridaGardener.com  Free on line plans for a 32'x10'x10' hoop greenhouse.



Niagara Designs, Inc.  Small greenhouse wood frame.  5 page plan.  Size 10'2-1/2" x9'6-1/2".


$15 + $3 S&H
Niagara Plans


U-bild Fiberglass Greenhouse No 573 Post-and-beam construction, enclosed with fiberglass panels. 9 ft. tall by 7.5 ft. wide by 8 or 12 ft. long. 
Small 8'x5' Greenhouse Plan No. 557 Heavy plastic covering
Window Greenhouse Plans No. 609 Redwood with 3 shelves (size adjustable).

$8.95 to $9.95


Circo Innovations Free PVC Pipe Greenhouse Plan and a source for specialty 3 way and 4 way pipe connector and clamps ( http://www.snapclamp.com )



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