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Greenhouses & Gazebos - An independent website designed to help homeowners discover the wide variety of options available in outdoor buildings today.


Masco Farms -- Check out this 10 acre propagation facility in Leamington, Canada.  Site has  step-by-step seeding process info and virtual tours!


The Gardening Lauch Pad -- Comprehensive site for everything to do with gardening!


New Alchemy Archives. THE POTENTIAL FOR COMMERCIAL FOOD-PRODUCING GREENHOUSES IN THE NORTHEAST: A REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE  Research Report No. 5, By Norman L. Marshall, March 1987.  Very Academic!


The Victorian Era Directory - Web site with Victorian Links!


Why it Takes 10 years to build a greenhouse - A good description of what you might be getting into!


miningco.com / living / home/garden / vegetable gardens:  A short list of links with some greenhouse resources.


Sherry's Greenhouse --  Interesting articles from tomatoes to vanilla. 


Garden Net -- A growing list of Greenhouses and Supplies.  Also, a vast array of gardening information, products and links.  A big and diverse site, growing and growing!


Yahoo -- A long list of Sunroom and Conservatory manufacturers.


Yahoo -- A long list of Greenhouses and Supplies


Greenhouse Tradeshow Online.  Information Bulletin Board/


Garden Web Forums and Stuff.  Post a question, wait for an answer or read replies to other people's questions. There's a whole section on Greenhouses and Structures http://www.gardenweb.com/forums/strucs/


Lycos -> Home/Familiy -> Gardens -> Greenhouses.  Big site lots of listings . . .


Sun Country Greenhouses: Lots of info on how to choose a hobby greenhouse. As well there's a section on the history of greenhouses.


Frit's Farm with Guineas: Guinea Fowl (not pigs) Fun and original site but very slow to load.  Lots of music, some animated graphics, in a well organzied and flowing site.  Includes a good descripition of a 16' x 20' lean-to greenhouse attached to a barn.  Cistern, propagation bench, and ventilation system all featured with pictures and descriptions. You can read your e-mail and listen to Frit's music while it loads.


Orchid FAQ.  Lots of information about growing Orchids.  Reviews lighting, temperature, soil mixtures, etc.


Hothouse Internet Garden UK.  The British know their hothouses!  Lots of info. and links here!


Hobby Greenhouse Construction - Alabama Extension.  Excellent article on how to choose and construct a hobby greenhouse.  Styles, Types of Material, Different Foundations and more!


Bradley Hydroponics -- Lots of great information on Hydroponic Gardens


Solar Greenhouses -- Michigan State University extension.  Good article on passive Solar greenhouses.


Residential Efficiency Data Base: Great site that is temporarily closed.  Seeking sponsors . . . .


Heating Greenhouses -- Heating systems, factors to consider and recommendations..


Greenhouse Management Booklet - By Texas A&M University.  Thorough.  Nice site.


Greenhouse Veggies - University of Georgia Extension.  Other articles, too!


School Greenhouse - Free how to article for an attached greenhouse you can build for approximately $1000


Reading and Source List for Sun Spaces and Solar Greenhouses


Tour of different styles of greenhouses -- The first article to feature my greenhouse!


Garden of Weeden -- How to build a greenhouse for $80 plus what to grow, when to plant and gobs of other info.  A little slow to load but worth the wait.


Geo-heat Center -  A listing of greenhouses and other structures that use geo-thermal hot springs for heat!  Lots of links and articles.


Handilinks - Listing of greenhouses and other listings!


Greenhouse Vegetables - List of References available from libraries, publishers, institutions or on the World Wide Web.


Greenhouse Guide for Ventilation, Evaporative Cooling and Heating Guide.  Florida State University Extension Service.  Illustrated.


Hothouse Heaven  - Garden Tour -  Photos showing how to transform an ordinary greenhouse into a victorian-style conservatory.


Texas Greenhouse Management Handbook -- Lots of information in an on-line handbook


BC Ag Index - Vegatables: List of links for growing vegetables in cold British Columbia, Canada. 


The Growing Edge Magazine Online - Hydroponic growing resource including news and articles, discussion board, search engine and much more.


Commercial Vegetable Production Guide - Organized by type of plant.  By Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences.


James Dulley's Greenhouse-Sunspace Topics - Newspaper columnist and mechanical engineer who collects information, organizes, publishes and sells via the mail.  Lots of topics including energy efficient homes.  You have to buy to get the information though!


Glass Structures Ltd. Greenhouse Links - A short list of greenhouse links.


Dial-a-conservatory - Lots of great information and photos --- and never a mention of the word "Greenhouse".... 'Bespoke' as only the British can!


Tao Herb Farm - Distributors of Grow-it Gold Software and Charge-it.  Family farm specializing in Chinese Herbs and Medicines in British Columbia.


Tom's Garden Greenhouse - Two versions 1965 and 1999 / lots of pictures.


Greenhouse Coverings - Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Web site.


OpenHere's listing of Conservatory Links: http://www.openhere.com/hag/gardening/hard-landscaping/conservatories/  


Greenhouse Gardener's Companion (See books) "companion" web site. http://www.greenhousegarden.com/ Greenhouse discussion board with  lots of visitors.


A Garden Place Garden ideas, landscape tips, greenhouse construction, plant propagation and tips.  Lots of info. and links here! 


3D Garden Composer is a garden software kit for garden design, planning, landscaping includes plant care calendar, encyclopedia of plants, gardening tools, plant diseases.


Planning and building a greenhouse by AdvanceGreenhouses.com


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