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H2othouse, Inc. does not manufacture or sell greenhouse kits or supplies (just plans!)  However, it is the Greenhouse Manufacturers and Suppliers that make this web site possible.  Please support the cost of maintaining this informational listing by visiting the sponsors. 

Below is a short list of greenhouse accessories and their suppliers; some also carry Greenhouse Kits . Please follow the link to contact the supplier directly! To add your catalog to this list,  go to List URL or Advertise Here!

Glazing and Shading MaterialsGlazing and Shading Materials




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Sundance Supply Company.   Polycarbonate & Trim Components for Built-It-Yourself greenhouses. Plus a free design & install guide.

Free online design & install guide!



Charley's Greenhouse has an excellent catalog with kits, books, accessories, and lots of information.  Great web site too!

Excellent Free Catalog.


Cropking Hydroponics and Greenhouse Systems

Online Catalog


Light Tech Systems.  Lighting / Hydroponics. Canada.

Online Catalog


Hired Hand Green Commercial Greenhouse Structures, Fans, Heating, and sidewall systems.

Commercial accessories and supplies


Southern Burner Company -- Greenhouse heaters



GTG Hydroponics - Supplies and How to information.



Green Wonder - Ships US and Canada - all kinds of supplies.



Hamilton Orchids and Plant Design  - Greenhouse consulting, orchids, interior design, and supplies.  Located in Marin Count CA 



ACI - Hydroponics: Home greenhouse kits and hydroponic gardens, grow lights and equipment for  home hobbyists and small commerical operations.  Designed for the hottest Arizona Summer



CropKing provides complete hydroponic systems, supplies and greenhouses for commercial growers.
CareFree Gardens provides hobby hydroponic systems and the "Sanctuary" hobby greenhouses.



Snap Clamp specialty PVC fitting and clamps for greenhouse films



Plasponics Ltd. - World Leader in binding products for agriculture, greenhouses and hydroponics.



GreenhouseStuff.com - greenhouses and greenhouse supplies for contractors and homeowners.



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