Wardian Cases = Miniature Conservatory = Terrarium?

Wardian Case

Indoor Wardian Case from Nathaniel Ward's 1852 Book

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4/12/99 Question: My parents sent me a miniature conservatory.  I know that I've seen info about planting them, just not sure where.  Any ideas? Sincerely, Anne

4/12/99 Answer: I was getting ready to do a page on terrariums (or Wardian Cases) but haven't gotten around to it yet.  I'm still collecting links and researching the topic.  You may want to search the net on terrariums, terrariums tools, etc.  Here's a few links to check:

4/12/99 More Links!:

4/18/99 And the search continues . . . :

Tabletop Conservatory from Garden.com

If you find any more links, please e-mail me!
Thanks, Joe Zeeben